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December 22, 2015

Road Ahead has Former ENP Affiliates Energized

People are clearly energized by fresh possibilities as the Enterprising Non-profits Canada (ENP-CA) program that’s been in existence since 2012 takes on a new form.

As of Jan. 1, the seven affiliates that comprised the ENP-CA program will continue their relationship and shared interest in the sector through the Social Enterprise Community of Practice.

One of the most energizing waypoints for some on the road ahead is the launch of the Social Enterprise Institute.

“The affiliates have contributed training and technical resources to develop the Explore Section of the Social Enterprise Institute, which will help aspiring and early-stage social entrepreneurs to access quality content wherever they are and whenever they need it,” says David Upton with the Halifax-based Common Good Solutions. “Check out in the New Year to see what we did.”

Vancity Community Foundation (VCF) manager of strategic programs Irene Gannitsos also highlights the new institute as a particularly exciting development.

“We are keen to see the launch of the Social Enterprise Institute in early 2016,” she says. “This platform will allow VCF to better connect the local organizations we work with to the learning resources and tools they need to develop successful social enterprises – and become investment ready.

Irene adds that the foundation anticipates sharing the new ideas, approaches and tools it is developing to advance social enterprise development in the local market. “Many of (these resources) have been influenced by what we learned from the ENP Canada partners over the past three years,” she says.

For Centre for Innovative Social Enterprise Development (CISED) executive director Doug Pawson, the road ahead includes an exciting focus on building on the growth that’s occurred in the social enterprise sector in Ottawa over the past several years.

“What was only a small and fragmented sector only a few years ago, today Ottawa has well over 100 social enterprises operating in a diverse range of industries and sectors,” Doug says.

“The growth of the sector has quickly emerged as more and more non-profits and charities gain the technical expertise and experience to operate a business. This makes us at CISED optimistic that the sector is growing and even maturing with the kind of agility to respond to new market opportunities, which, of course, maximizes the environmental and social impact across Ottawa and eastern Ontario.”

The new Social Enterprise Community of Practice will include and be represented by the same organizations that comprised the ENP-CA program:

Vancity Community Foundation (British Columbia) – enp BC
Trico Foundation (Alberta) – enp Alberta
CCEDNET (Manitoba) – enp Manitoba
Toronto Enterprise Fund (Ontario) – enp Toronto
CISED (Ontario) – enp Ottawa
Le Chantier de l'économie sociale (Quebec) – an independent affiliate
Common Good Solutions (Nova Scotia) – enp Nova Scotia

The purpose of the Social Enterprise Community of Practice will be to “use a practitioner lens to maintain, develop and nurture Canadian conversations about the skills and building tools needed to support successful social enterprises.”

To learn more about the ENP-CA program’s achievements from 2012 to 2015, as well as what the new operating model will entail, click here.

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