Social Enterprise Canada


Strengthen your social enterprise management skills

As you can see The Social Enterprise Learning Toolkit is comprised of 8 modules designed to assist you in strengthening skills you use everday in managing your enterprise.

In each section you may:

  •  View a slide show outlining the topic’s key principles  
  • Reinforce your learning on each topic with a customized worksheet
  • Browse the key documents we’ve compiled
  • Explore additional multimedia resources and/or links to subject matter experts on each topic
  • Search for any additional resources you require in our resource library

Can I share these resources with my students, board, staff, class, or others ? 

Yes, you may use these materials for personal learning, as workshop materials, or in a discussion guide, but you are required to give credit to  

The Social Enterprise Learning Toolkit is an evolving work in progress, and we look forward to hearing from you with your ideas, suggestions, experiences and stories. Contact us at:

With Thanks!

enp would like to acknowledge The Province of British Columbia for their support in creating this toolkit.