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Module 7: Marketing


The Marketing Toolkit has been designed to help you understand the fundamentals of marketing, and to apply them in your social enterprise. It's divided into four modules, each of which is presented in a video. During each module, you'll be invited to complete exercises, either yourself, or with your team, and a series of worksheets are included to help you. The videos are most useful when viewed in sequence, but you can come back to any or all of them to refresh your memory, or to dive more deeply into some of the exercises.

To get started, download the worksheets then view the introduction.


In this first module of the Social Enterprise Marketing Toolkit, you'll be introduced to the purpose and goals of the Toolkit, and you'll work on defining your market-the first element of developing a marketing plan.


In this second module, you'll learn about the 'Four Ps'-product, price, place and promotion-essential frames of reference for any marketer, and the 'Fifth P,' Positioning. You'll also complete exercises that help put each of these into perspective in your social enterprise.

The Medium & The Message

In this third module, you'll learn about the various media available to you for marketing, and the relative merits of each of them. You'll also build your own Message Matrix, a useful tool that captures your social enterprise's key messages, and acts as a touchstone for marketing outreach.

Gauging Success

In this fourth and final module of the Social Enterprise Marketing Toolkit, you'll learn about the five essential metrics you'll use to measure the effectiveness of your marketing.

Strengthening Toolkit
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